An individual is selling prototype Nvidia GTX 2080 playing cards

WTF?! Do you adore Ray Tracing Texel Intense (RTX) or do you nevertheless yearn for the times of Giga Texel Shader Serious (GTX)? It turns out there is certainly a way you can have the two, kind of: the GTX 2080, a prototype 20-sequence card that carried the outdated GTX branding. A Reddit user just acquired 1 of these scarce models off eBay, and it’s definitely an attention-grabbing find.

Redditor ascendance22 (by using Tom’s Hardware) posted details about their ordered GTX 2080, which appears to be like and performs just about identically to the RTX-branded edition. The significant visual change is the deficiency of the 2080 logo and the “GEFORCE GTX” printed on the facet.

The eBay merchant offering these cards is advertising them for $360. They have been made use of for mining, so you could want to bear that in mind if you buy a person for novelty benefit.

ascendance22 posted a GPU-Z screen seize displaying the process recognizing the card as an RTX 2080 with the very same TU104 GPU and specs as that card. But the prototype does vary from the common RTX 2080 in that Nvidia has disabled the RT cores. The 3DMark TimeSpy success also match the RTX variation.

In 2018, there were being a lot of rumors that Nvidia was scheduling to launch a GTX 1180 card—this was before we realized about Nvidia switching to the RTX title. The GTX 2080 could have been a prepared GTX xx80 product that hardly ever arrived to fruition, providing Turing architecture in a GTX card further than the decreased-close GTX 16xx sequence.

You might remember that when the RTX line first arrived, most folks failed to find ray tracing the powerful function that Nvidia claimed (several nonetheless never), primarily as it crushes functionality. And although DLSS has improved dramatically around the years to turn out to be an unbelievably well known solution among the gamers, its initial implementation still left a great deal to be wished-for. Furthermore, these RTX-intended attributes didn’t have much help from recreation builders at the time.

It is really theorized that the GTX 2080 could have been a way of giving the far more effective Turning architecture in a significant-conclude card to customers without the RTX cores enabled, building it a more affordable possibility for these who didn’t care about their linked capabilities.

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