Logitech announces $100 speaker increase-on for the Meta Quest 2 VR headset

What just took place? Logitech has announced an add-on audio accessory for the Meta Quest 2 digital reality headset made to improve immersion. The Logitech Refrain is a custom made-tuned, off-ear audio remedy that makes use of open up-back BMRs (Balanced Mode Radiators). The speakers do not actually make get in touch with with your ears, this means there is practically nothing in or on your ears creating warmth or impeding airflow.

The rotating speaker style helps make it effortless to mute audio. When the real world demands your focus, only swing the speakers back and out of the way to listen to what is going on. This action mutes the speakers when it really is time to jump back again in, rotate the speakers back down into place.

Refrain weighs 6.42 ounces (182 grams) and stays in put on the headset, never ever needing to be eradicated or unplugged. It makes use of a USB-C pass-through program, so no individual energy source is required.

The Meta Quest 2 (previously known as the Oculus Quest 2) introduced in Oct 2020 with an introductory price tag of $299 for a product with 64GB of storage. A recent price alter pushed the entry-stage Quest 2 to $399.99 but also doubled the storage to 128GB. A model with 256GB of onboard storage commands $499.99.

The Meta Quest 2 features created-in speakers that deliver stereo audio but audio quality just isn’t universally cherished by all. There is certainly also a 3.5mm headphone jack should you like to convey a set of earbuds to the celebration Logitech’s Chorus is only one more solution to contemplate.

The open up nature of the Refrain is each a professional and a con. Even though it does allow for ambient seems to get to the participant simpler and is no question extra snug for extensive VR classes, it isn’t going to offer any sound isolation for the wearer or people in the similar place. If you consistently share your gaming area with other individuals, a established of earbuds may be the far more courteous choice.

The Logitech Refrain is obtainable to pre-get for $99.99. No word nonetheless on when it will ship.

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