Republican Senate candidate says Trump should not run in 2024

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Republican Senate candidate says Trump should not run in 2024

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August 05, 06:21 PM August 05, 06:21 PM

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Joe O’Dea, a Republican Senate candidate in Colorado, said he does not want former President Donald Trump to run for president in 2024.

O’Dea, a centrist whom Democrats hoped would fall to 2020 election denier state Rep. Ron Hanks in the June 28 primary contest, expressed his desire for Trump not to run for a second term, suggesting that other candidates are better fit to lead the GOP ticket in the 2024 election.


“As far as Trump’s concerned, I hope he doesn’t run. I don’t want to see him as president again. We’ve got a lot of great candidates — Ron DeSantis, Tim Scott, Nikki Haley — there’s a lot of great talent out there,” O’Dea said Friday on Denver radio program The Ross Kaminsky Show.

But O’Dea also doesn’t want President Joe Biden to run for a second term, calling him “senile.”

“Look, I don’t think Biden should run for president, and he’s senile. We’re done with that. He’s the worst president we’ve ever had,” O’Dea said.

A Trump-Biden 2024 rematch would “rip our country apart,” the Republican said, adding, “I think a lot of people are ready to move our country forward, so I wouldn’t support him running again.”

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Recent polls have indicated that most voters do not want either Trump or Biden running in 2024, with some Democrats publicly saying they do not believe Biden will run for reelection.

O’Dea, who defeated the more Trump-aligned Hanks for the GOP nomination, is looking to unseat incumbent Sen. Michael Bennet (D) in the general election in November. RealClearPolitics has rated the race between O’Dea and Bennet as “lean Democratic.”

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