In Europe, an alarming trend has emerged: a wave of stings caused by tainted and discarded needles

Dr. Yael Sahar Kostis, an occupational medicine expert and member of the Israeli Association of Occupational Medicine’s board of directors, was previously stabbed with a patient’s discarded needle.

This trend is causing concern across Europe, with reports of suspected stabbings on the rise in France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, and other nations. Strangers are suspected of carrying out the stings and injecting various medications into the stabbed body. Many of those who were stabbed experienced loss of consciousness, memory loss, and significant medical issues. Dr. Sahar spoke with Anat Davidov and Tal Shalev on 103FM this morning (Tuesday).

“It appears that there is a trend in which needles, which were designed to be used to treat people, are being used to assault people and, in this case, blazers. This is referred to be a work accident rather than an unusual assault; it is a relatively typical occurrence. People are treated as if they are exposed to variables that we do not yet know how to prevent but can treat.”

“It’s not just a random stab; it’s an assault; it’s tough to comprehend because no one has seen it; it may be anxiety or a chemical; but, if it’s a chemical, most people will feel it. The biggest threat is infectious pathogens, which we are all familiar with.”

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