California restaurant defends Mike Lindell after visit

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell speaks about the coronavirus in the Rose Garden of the White House, Monday, March 30, 2020, in Washington. (G3 Box News Photo/Alex Brandon)

California restaurant defends Mike Lindell after visit

Brady Knox

October 10, 11:40 PM October 10, 11:40 PM

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A Mexican restaurant in Northern California came to Mike Lindell’s defense after a Facebook post commemorating his visit led to controversy.

Tres Chiles Picosos posted an image of the MyPillow CEO alongside two staffers following his visit, with expressions of gratitude for his patronage. However, the post was not well-received by some people, who flooded the comments with criticism and notifications that they would not visit the restaurant again. Rather than issue a retraction, the owners of the restaurant decided to stand firm, sharing the struggles their business was going through and stressing that it was not meant to be political while praising Lindell’s character.

“To those inside and outside our community who provided negative comments, we are very disappointed. Just because you do not like someone due to their political affiliation, race or religion, does not give you the right to pass judgment or boycott a business. This particular gentleman and his family were so very nice and respectful to our Hispanic staff,” a follow-up post read on the restaurant’s Facebook page.


“It’s unfortunate to read such negative comments about him, as we saw firsthand the respect and gratitude he displayed towards our staff. We are appreciative of all tourist business and have no bias. ANY customer that comes into our establishment, we treat them with respect and do not pass any judgment on or turn anyone away due to your personal biases whether they be political, race-related or religious affiliation. All are welcome in our restaurant,” the post added.

The comments were flooded with negative reactions in the follow-up post, which, as of writing, contained more comments than “likes.” However, many other netizens came forward to offer their support and promises of future patronage.

Lindell has become a high-profile figure in the political spectrum in recent years as he is an ally of former President Donald Trump and a booster of his claims of a stolen election. Lindell was sued for defamation over claims about rigging in the 2020 election, and he has been scrutinized by investigators.

One of the restaurant’s co-owners, Michelle Hill, told Mercury News that she was unaware of the controversy surrounding Lindell and only knew him from his MyPillow commercials.

“I didn’t know about the affiliation with Donald Trump,” she said. “The staff didn’t even know who he was until he was leaving.”


Despite her apparent lack of knowledge of the controversy surrounding Lindell, Hill said that if she were aware, she would not have done anything differently, recommitting to her policy of welcoming and tolerance.

“Even if I did know, I would’ve done the same,” she said. “If Joe Biden came in, we would’ve done the same. If Donald Trump came in, we would’ve done the same.”

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