Decathlon will repair your jacket and shorten your trousers

Is the zipper of your trousers broken, is the velcro on your backpack no longer sticking or is the seam of your camping tent torn? Then you can have it repaired at Decathlon from now on. Even if you bought that stuff elsewhere. “In this way, we as a retail chain are making a new contribution to sustainable consumption.”

Decathlon has had a bicycle repair service for some time and has recently also bought back old sports equipment to resell it second-hand with a guarantee. The sports store chain now adds a new service to the list of sustainable initiatives: one that repairs textiles, backpacks, bags and tents. “There are fewer and fewer sewing workshops or clothing repairers in our country. When there are small defects in a T-shirt, trousers or jacket, many Belgians throw the piece in the rubbish bin and buy something new. We are tackling that consumption pattern with our new repair service.”

Decathlon works together with CiLAB (Circular Innovation Lab), a small start-up that gives textiles a second, third and fourth life and works for JBC, Woody and HNST Jeans, among others. For example, repairing a slider of a zipper costs 6 euros, replacing the entire zipper costs 23 euros. You pay 10 euros to replace velcro, elastics or buckles on clothing or backpacks. Sewing a seam that has come loose costs 8 euros.

Remarkable: Decathlon also repairs items bought in other stores. “The prices or waiting times at sewing workshops and other repairers are sometimes quite high. Decathlon therefore wants to make the service very accessible, just as we make sports and sports equipment accessible to the general public. And, from a commercial point of view: if the item of clothing or tent can no longer be repaired, the customer can immediately buy a new one without having to leave the store…

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