Demented Epistles, a unique literary work that remains unpublished

Among the unpublished texts left behind by the recently deceased playwright, essayist, translator and novelist Luisa Josefina Hernández (1928-2023), are a couple of novels and a unique literary text entitled insane epistlesclarified David Gaitán, grandson of the writer, in a chat with The Conference

The playwright and director also reported that this Friday, at 12 noon, a tribute will be paid to him at the Palacio de Bellas Artes.

Gaitán commented that yesterday a family and intimate vigil was held in Cuernavaca for the body of teacher Hernández, which, he said, will later be cremated.

Gaitán explained that his grandmother “left a lot of unpublished work, especially narrative. There are a couple of unpublished novels, The relationship y the eye of heavenas well as a very particular text, insane epistlesin which he eloquently rewrites a series of letters he received throughout his life”.

The letters were assembled as a literary text, Gaitán explained. “When they are rewritten, they end up being a clear testimony of his personality, seen through the eyes of other people, as well as a testimony of an entire era, since there are letters from the 50s to some of a few years ago.

This text is a kind of melting pot of 20th-century Mexico, of its idiosyncrasies, the arrival of modernity, the blows of technology, the role it played for other people, as a teacher, playwright, theater critic, or researcher.Gaitan said.

It’s a document very endearing, because the teacher Hernández corresponded with many relatives and colleagues. “The idea – Gaitán added – is not to window with whom it was written, there will be someone who makes certain references, but it is not the case, because as the title says, they are too insane letters, and what it does is make up reality a bit ” .

The last years of his life She no longer wrote theater because she no longer felt with the creative force to do it, she said so herself, but she did have a lot of boxed-in material that has not yet been published.

Recently, the General Society of Writers of Mexico published “a new group of dialogues from the saga The street of the big occasionand perhaps some play is out there”, concluded Gaitán.

nostalgia for troy y Apocalypse with figuresnovels by Luisa Josefina Hernández, were recognized with the Magda Donato prize in 1971, and the Xavier Villaurrutia prize in 1982, respectively.Photo courtesy Inbal/Citru. Photographic collection, Library of Arts-Cenart

On the other hand, the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature, the Mexico City Theater System, the National Theater Company, the National Theater Coordination, among other institutions, as well as many members of the theater community through Social networks have offered their condolences to the family and have expressed their appreciation for the talent of the renowned playwright.

At the time, the writer Eve Gil, in her text The passions of Luisa Josefina Hernándezdescribed: Rich and varied anecdotes paint her full body as a strong woman passionate about her work and life, but in the end she is elusive, enigmatic, absolute owner of her secrets. Although she has been highly critical of the vision of feminism in her country, she would affirm that no Mexican author of her generation is more feminist than she is. (supplement The Weekly Day29/5/22).

In that same publication, the novelist also noted: His greatest transgression consisted of raising a monumental Babel in the middle of his housework, stealing hours from him at dawn, writing non-stop from 5 to 7 in the morning. An enormous reader and translator of classical theater, from the Greeks to Shakespeare, Luisa Josefina Hernández presents a refined sense of the tragic, without allowing herself to tear clothes, making the strength of her characters, mainly the female ones, prevail over what seems to be the Design of the Gods, even those extracted from the tragedy itself, as confirmed by his impeccable monologues. Rebellion is another element that is very present in this universe, but a rebellion that can be confused with pathos; disguised as foolishness, even submission. A feeling that hides badly under any mask to end up jumping like a tiger on her unsuspecting prey. All this is distinctive of the work of this author as celebrated as misread..

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