DeSantis closes the gap with Trump ahead of the Republican primaries for the White House, according to polls

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is slowly edging closer to former US President Donald Trump in the polls as the Republican Party’s primary to lead the White House bid approaches.

While support for DeSantis has increased eleven points in recent months, reaching 28 percent support among the Republican electorate; Trump sees how he maintains a reverse trend and has already dropped nine points, although he is still ahead with 46 percent.

This is clear from a new Harvard CAPS-Harris survey shared exclusively with the US news portal The Hill, which stresses that the demographic study shows an inverse trend for both visible heads of the Republican Party just a week after Trump confirmed his aspirations for a second term in what would be his third elections.

“Month after month, DeSantis has been increasing and is now significantly closing the gap on Trump,” said the co-director of the polling company, Mark Penn, who has advanced that if both Republican leaders finally challenge each other in the primaries, the former president could arrive to lose.

In fact, the results of the surveys reveal a tendency that could be glimpsed with the naked eye with the events of the last few months, especially what happened in the mid-term elections, held on November 8.

In that electoral appointment, the formulas most similar to Trump did not achieve the results that could be foreseen and with respect to which the former president himself announced that it would be a great night for the Republicans.

At the same time, perhaps without as much media coverage compared to Trump, DeSantis managed to revalidate his leadership of the state of Florida and little by little he is considered by more Republicans as a viable option to aspire to the US Presidency in 2024, although not yet. have submitted your application.

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