Thousands of Amazon workers strike on Black Friday

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Thousands of Amazon workers strike on Black Friday

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Thousands of Amazon workers are going on strike and walking out on Black Friday, protesting their working conditions and pay.

The “Make Amazon Pay” campaign planned strikes and walkouts encompassing thousands of employees in more than 30 different countries across six continents, the campaign’s website reported. The MAP website listed rising costs of living, Amazon’s supposed tax avoidance, and the company’s alleged ignoring of climate change as justification for the campaign, demanding that the company address these issues and pay workers more.

“For workers and consumers, the price of everything is going up. And for everyone, the global temperature is rising and our planet is under stress. But instead of supporting its workers, communities and the planet, Amazon is squeezing every last drop it can,” the campaign’s website writes. “We are workers and citizens divided by geography and our role in the global economy but united in our commitment to Make Amazon Pay fair wages, its taxes and for its impact on the planet.”


MAP is a 70-member coalition of trade unions and left-wing groups, including Progressive International, Greenpeace, Oxfam, Amazon Workers International, and Data for Black Lives.

The campaign released an extensive list of demands, divided into five different points: improving the workplace, providing job security, respecting workers’ universal rights, operating sustainably, and paying back society.

Some points call for changes in line with progressive politics. One point demands “ending Amazon’s complicity in environmental racism.” A second demands that the company stops “all sponsoring of climate change denial,” while another demands the company ceases “partnerships with police forces and immigration authorities that are institutionally racist.”

Protests were set to take place in the United States, India, Japan, United Kingdom, Mexico, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Germany, France, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Spain, Italy, Slovakia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Ireland, the Palestinian territories, Bangladesh, Australia, Malaysia, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and South Africa.


One protest is set to show up at Jeff Bezos’s penthouse in New York City, Business Insider reported.

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