“Israel is on the way to a constitutional crisis”: this is how the world is covering the Aryeh Deri issue

The political system is still in turmoil after the High Court’s decision that Aryeh Deri is unfit to serve as a minister in the government. At the same time, media outlets around the world also extensively covered the political drama in Israel, referring at length to the legal reform presented by the Minister of Justice, Yariv Levin, and the impact of the decision On Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition.

The British “Guardian” writes that “the ruling of the court came against the background of the radical changes that the coalition proposed to make in the country’s judicial system. Critics claim that the proposed changes will introduce too much power to the government and weaken the Supreme Court, while the supporters claim that the reform will correct the lack of The balance of power between the authorities”.

Aryeh Deri (Photo: Yonatan Zindel, Flash 90)

It is also written that “Netanyahu will now have to decide whether he upholds the court’s ruling and fires his ally Deri, or defies the justice system. The heads of the parties in the coalition said that the ruling does not respect the voters after the elections on November 1 and vowed to act in any legal way against Postponing the decision of the court to correct the injustice and the serious damage caused to the democratic election and the sovereignty of the people.”

CNN wrote that the High Court’s decision against Minister Deri comes against the backdrop of political instability in Israel in recent years. “Netanyahu, who was sworn in as prime minister for the sixth time, remains the dominant figure in a period of political chaos, when his government is the most right-wing in Israel’s history.” Because “if Deri refuses to resign or Netanyahu refuses to fire Deri, a constitutional crisis may arise between the government and the judicial system.”

Benjamin Netanyahu (Photo: Mark Israel Salem)
Benjamin Netanyahu (Photo: Mark Israel Salem)

Also, the BBC wrote that “The Supreme Court of Israel has ruled that a key partner in Prime Minister Netanyahu’s coalition cannot serve because of his recent conviction. The judges ruled that Deri’s appointment is unreasonable. The decision exacerbates the conflict between the new government and the entire judicial system “. Also, the website also referred to the reaction of the head of the opposition, Yair Lapid, and quoted him as saying “If Deri is not fired, we are facing an unprecedented legal crisis.”

The “Al Jazeera” network went one step too far, and examined what scenarios are possible now, after the decision of the High Court of Justice. The website states that “the decision sent messages about the future of the coalition and will exacerbate the conflict between the executive and the judiciary. On the political level, the decision of the Supreme Court will have consequences on the political arena in Israel and will cause a fierce war against the justice system on the part of the government and the right-wing scholars, since the war will not be limited only to the reform presented by Minister Levin”

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