Clinton knocks Trump for ‘improbably’ tying her to Comey in Russiagate lawsuit

"Comey was more than happy to talk about my emails, but he wouldn’t talk about investigation of the Russians," Clinton said. (G3 Box News) (G3 Box News)

Clinton knocks Trump for ‘improbably’ tying her to Comey in Russiagate lawsuit

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July 17, 10:04 AM July 17, 10:04 AM

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Hillary Clinton is pushing back at a lawsuit filed against her and others regarding the so-called Russiagate controversy in a motion to dismiss filed by her and other allies last week.

Clinton alleged in the motion that she has been “improbably” tied to former FBI Director James Comey and that the lawsuit filed by former President Donald Trump’s legal team is “swollen with eighty pages of irrelevant allegations,” according to the filing.


Trump filed his lawsuit late last month, alleging a conspiracy to create a “false narrative” tying his 2016 campaign to Russia. The new motion said the ties between the people being sued are only because they are enemies of Trump. “All that links these disparate people and events is Plantiff’s antipathy toward them,” the filing said. “This is a President who doesn’t just list enemies: he sues them.”

Clinton has been critical of Comey for his handling of an FBI investigation into her unauthorized email server during her time as secretary of state in the heat of the 2016 presidential election, during which she was a candidate, and even has placed blame on him for her defeat to Trump.

Clinton is joined by several others as defendants in the lawsuit, including 2016 Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta, former Democratic National Committee chairwomen Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Jake Sullivan, who is currently President Joe Biden’s national security adviser and was Clinton’s foreign policy adviser during her failed 2016 presidential campaign.

The motion was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida in the case Trump brought against Clinton and her associates over false claims the Trump campaign was connected to Russia.

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U.S. District Judge Donald Middlebrooks, a Bill Clinton appointee, will decide the motion after rejecting Trump’s demand that he recuse himself from the suit.

The Justice Department argued in another filing last week that Comey, along with other former top FBI officials who became targets of Trump’s ire, are protected by federal statute and must be dropped from the lawsuit, according to Bloomberg.

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