Observe the “impossible” $20,000 Halo 2 problem getting overwhelmed

What just happened? Extensive long gone are the days when taking part in video games all working day was deemed a squander of time. Even if someone doesn’t turn into an esports professional, they could nevertheless make a ton of income by getting actually, genuinely good at a unique recreation. Just inquire Twitch streamer JerValiN, whose proficiency at Halo 2 has won him $20,000 for finishing a challenge most regarded as impossible.

Streamer Charlie ‘Cr1tikal’ White established a challenge earlier this calendar year for anyone to total a deathless ‘Legendary All Skulls On’ (LASO) Halo 2 Anniversary run. Casual players will know that ending the recreation on Legendary difficulty is an arduous feat in itself, but turning on all but just one of the skull modifiers and finishing the match with no dying once makes it impossible—or so Cr1tikal thought.

The solution skulls discovered throughout the Halo franchise incorporate modifiers mainly made to make the video games harder, these as turning off the radar/whole HUD, escalating enemy problems, and halving the total of dropped ammo. Cr1tikal was so confident nobody could do the deathless LASO run that he provided $5,000 as a reward. Immediately after various weeks of unsuccessful tries, he elevated it to $20,000.

Only a single individual previously done a version of this problem, JerValiN, but he had used the solitary modifier not permitted, Envy, which provides gamers invisibility alternatively of a flashlight.

Not remarkably, it was JerValiN who eventually managed to conquer the greatest challenge—becoming the initial man or woman known to have completed so—in just below 6-and-a-50 percent hours. As is usually the situation with speedruns, he had to use loads of activity bugs to get through it. But this was no straightforward get for the streamer it took in excess of a month of hoping and on various instances he failed shut to the finish line.

Dot Esports notes that the quantity of streamers seeking to get the funds saw the Halo 2 class on Twitch explode to around 287,000 hrs viewed in July.

Now that the deathless LASO operate has been conquered, JerValiN is setting up on an even more complicated problem, a single in which he cannot fire his weapon.

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