Parties agree time with family and friends is meaningful: Report

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Parties agree time with family and friends is meaningful: Report

Rachel Schilke

November 24, 05:00 AM November 24, 05:00 AM

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Americans across both major political parties agree that they value spending time with family and friends, a rare moment of solidarity among the partisan groups.

Overall, 83% of U.S. adults believe spending time with family is meaningful and fulfilling, per a Pew Research Study survey conducted earlier this year. The survey looked at six topics as sources of meaning in life: spending time with family, being outdoors/experiencing nature, spending time with friends, religious faith, volunteer work, and meditating.


Of the six potential sources of meaning asked in the survey, family togetherness was the only one that appealed to the greatest share of adults.

Majorities in the parties, 82% of Democratic/Lean Democratic respondents and 85% of Republican/Lean Republican respondents, agree that spending time with family is a high priority.

Similar majorities, 64% of Republicans and 68% of Democrats, say the same regarding spending time with friends.

Typically, Republicans and Democrats differ when it comes to sources of meaning in life, per the center. Republicans tend to draw meaning from religion more than Democrats, 56% to 39%.

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The survey found seven-in-ten Americans see the outdoors as a source of meaning and fulfillment, including 72% of Republicans and 70% of Democrats. However, Republicans are twice as likely as Democrats to say they go hunting and fishing.

When asked about protecting the environment, 84% of Republicans and 88% of Democrats say they think about protecting the planet all or some of the time.

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