Pashinyan and Putin discussed regional security issues in Yerevan

The Prime Minister of Armenia and the President of Russia discussed regional security issues in Yerevan, the government reports.

Nikol Pashinyan noted both at the small meeting of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) and at the meeting with Putin that consensus was not reached on all issues at the meeting of the Collective Security Council: 15 out of 17 decisions were adopted.

About this, Vladimir Putin only said that, in general, the work was very intensive and useful, adding: “It is rare to reach an agreement on all issues.”

Yerevan expects a political assessment from the organization, which, however, has not yet been heard, Pashinyan said earlier, stressing that due to the lack of a political assessment of the alliance, he refuses to sign the document on joint measures to provide assistance to Armenia by the CSTO.

“At the session of the National Assembly, I spoke about the maintenance of the agreements reached by tripartite statements, which we accepted with your help and mediation with the President of Azerbaijan. These are very important issues that we must discuss, as well as discuss the agenda, which we hope will bring long-lasting peace in our region,” Nikol Pashinyan said at the start of the meeting.

“When we met, we came by car, we discussed issues of a regional nature, including issues related to regulation in the region, we talked about the unblocking of transport infrastructure,” Putin added, without further details.

Nikol Pashinyan and Vladimir Putin also discussed the economic relations between the two countries at the meeting held after the CSTO Collective Security Council session. According to the head of the Republic of Armenia, exports from Armenia to Russia increased by 80 percent this year.

Vladimir Putin is participating in the CSTO summit in Yerevan.

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