Stimulus update: South Carolina deadline to claim one-time $800 check is 25 days away

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Stimulus update: South Carolina deadline to claim one-time $800 check is 25 days away

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January 21, 05:04 AM January 21, 05:04 AM

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There are 25 days left for South Carolina residents to file their 2021 taxes and receive a rebate of up to $800 in the first quarter of the year.

The amount of money applicants will receive from this rebate will depend on their tax liability, which the department defines as the amount of state income tax that a South Carolina resident owes for the 2021 tax year. If a resident’s tax liability is less than $800, the rebate amount will be equal to the tax liability. Anyone whose tax liability is greater than $800 will be paid exactly $800, according to the South Carolina Department of Revenue.


The previous deadline set by the department was Oct. 17, 2022. Those who filed their 2021 taxes by then received their rebate before the end of last year.

This tax rebate is available for all South Carolina residents so long as they have filed their 2021 taxes by Feb. 15. The rebate payments will be issued to recipients in March.

Residents who are able to get this rebate may not receive as much as their tax liability if they have an outstanding individual income tax bill with the department. This outstanding amount will be subtracted from the rebate amount that a recipient would receive.

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A rebate tracker is available online for recipients to use to check the status of their payment. To use this tracker, a recipient will need either their Social Security number or their individual tax identification number, as well as their line 10 from their 2021 SC1040.

Additional information about this rebate can be found online by visiting the Revenue Department’s website or by calling 803-722-1958.

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