WATCH: Joy Behar says voting rights are being stripped from black people

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WATCH: Joy Behar says voting rights are being stripped from black people

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June 20, 12:56 PM June 20, 12:56 PM

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On a special Juneteenth episode of The View Monday, host Joy Behar told viewers that the black community is losing its right to vote.

“We should be aware on a day like this that voting rights are being systematically taken away from African Americans and other people too in this country,” said Behar. “It’s a good day to reflect on that, I think.”

Behar did not point to any policies, nor did she elaborate on how or why citizens are losing the right to vote.

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Host Whoopi Goldberg chimed in to claim that being black, Asian, Latino, or “anything other than what people are expecting to see in America” is “challenging.”

“I feel that we’re seeing this sort of rollback of history,” fellow host Sunny Hostin later said.


“Be very vigilant when you’re hearing about [critical race theory], alleged CRT in your schools. Fight that,” she told the audience. “You have to make sure that past does not become prologue.”

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When civil rights lawyer Ben Crump, known for representing the families of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Jacob Blake, was asked about the push against critical race theory, he said, “It is simply asinine” and “so scary.”

According to Crump, those who are against the theory are “trying to stop the young people from learning.”

Crump is now representing several families of victims from the racially motivated mass shooting at a Buffalo grocery store in May.

The attorney said the shooter is not the only one he wants to hold accountable. “He had a lot of accomplices,” he said.

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Crump told viewers that America needs to “hold accountable those who curate the hate.” He added that television hosts, those who promote hate online, gun manufacturers, and gun retailers are all to blame as well.

At one point, the hosts discussed online criticism, which Anna Navarro dismissed as being spread by “Russian bots” that she said were “particularly active during the Trump administration.”

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The hosts decried the criticism that has arisen with the rise of social media, in particular.

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