Who is the most popular? Support for HDZ continues to grow, fewer and fewer people would choose Mozemo or Most

HRT published a new HRejting survey on the popularity of politicians. The research was conducted on a sample of 1,400 respondents, and the data was collected from November 14 to 17.

According to the survey, HDZ is convincingly the first with the support of a quarter of voters (25.7 percent), and compared to October, they were the only ones whose rating grew by 1.12 percent.

As the popularity of the HDZ grew, so did the popularity of the left and right opposition. SDP is at 15.7 percent this month, which is a drop of 0.53 percent. Mozemo! is roughly in the same minus. which is in the minus of 0.47% and which ends November with the support of 10.8% of voters.

The biggest drop in the last month was recorded by Most with a drop of 0.82 percent and currently has 8.5 percent. The Homeland Movement is the fifth and last party that would cross the electoral threshold with the support of 5.5 percent.

Of the other parties, the Center has the best rating, which compared to October managed to reach 3 percent, followed by the Social Democrats (1.5%), HSS (1.3%), Fokus (1.2%), the Workers’ Front (1.2 %), IDS (1.0%). In the group below 1% support are the majority of the parties of the ruling coalition, such as HNS (0.9%), HSU (0.9%), HSLS (0.6%), and until recently the Reformists (0.7 %). And then there are the Croatian sovereignists (0.9%), Ključ Hrvatska (0.9%) and, at the very back, the party of the late Milan Bandić.

18 percent are undecided this month.

As for the popularity of parties in certain age groups, the first choice for voters aged 18 to 30 is Mozemo! (24.4 percent), followed by HDZ (23.3 percent). Only 10.7 percent would vote for SDP, and for voters in their 30s, that party is as if it does not exist.

For them, the first choice is HDZ (17.2 percent), Mozemo! (15.2 percent) and Most (11.2 percent). For the same three parties, only the age group up to 50 is decided in a different order – HDZ (18.8 percent), Most (13.8 percent) and Mozemo! (13.4 percent).

SDP ranks better only among voters up to 60 and up to 70 years old, and they will decide for them right after HDZ and the generation over 70 years old. The third choice in the group between 50 and over 70 years old is the right-wing political option – Most or Homeland Movement.

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