Wyoming governor signs bill banning abortion pills in the state

FILE – Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon gives the State of the State address to the Wyoming Legislature on March 2, 2021, inside the state Capitol in Cheyenne, Wy. Late Friday, March 17, 2023, Gordon signed a bill prohibiting abortion pills in the state and also allowed a separate measure restricting abortion to become law without his signature. (Michael Cummo/The Wyoming Tribune Eagle via G3 Box News, File) Michael Cummo/G3 Box News

Wyoming governor signs bill banning abortion pills in the state

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March 18, 01:58 PM March 18, 01:58 PM

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Gov. Mark Gordon (R-WY) signed a bill on Friday that bans access to abortion pills and allowed a different bill that restricts abortions to go into effect.

The new law claims that it will be “unlawful to prescribe, dispense, distribute, sell or use any drug for the purpose of procuring or performing an abortion.” Breaking the new law, which will go into effect in July, is punishable by up to six months in prison and a fine of up to $9,000.


Gordon said he signed the bill because it “bolsters protection for the unborn,” according to the Washington Post. The pills are still allowed for the treatment of natural miscarriages.

The state is the latest to limit access to the pills, joining a group of 15 other conservative states. Of those states, six require an in-person physician visit.

The topic of abortion was reenergized last summer after the Supreme Court overturned the historic ruling of Roe v. Wade. But the topic of abortion pills emerged this week after a federal judge in Texas raised questions about a group’s effort to overturn the decades-old approval of mifepristone, one of the two pills used in abortions. A two-pill combination is the most popular form of abortion in the U.S.

Thirteen states also have total bans on abortion, but abortion is still legal in Wyoming while a ban is being debated in the state’s

Supreme Court. The second bill that went into effect bans the use of government funds to pay for abortions, among other measures.

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Gordon also urged a referendum on abortions, claiming the legality of abortions “needs to be decided as soon as possible so that the issue of abortion in Wyoming can be finally resolved, and that is best done with a vote of the people.”

Gordon said he expects both laws will face challenges in court.

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