A Latam plane collided with a fire truck at the Lima airport: two dead

The impact occurred when the aircraft was taxiing on the runway. The two dead were inside the fire truck. There are no injured passengers.

A Latam airline plane collided on the ground with a fire truck and caught fire at the Lima airport for reasons that are still being investigated. For the impressive impact two firefighters died and another was injured,but no one was affected among the crew or passengers of the aircraft.

The general commander of the Fire Department Luis Ponce La Jara confirmed the deaths and the wounded in the body and explained that the wing of the plane impacted with a fire engine cabin, a fire vehicle.

The airline for its part reported minutes before that there were no affected passengers or crew of the plane. Both vehicles were moving on the runway at the international airport when the collision occurred on Friday.

“There has been an accident on the runway of Jorge Chávez (airport),” Lima Airport Partners, the company that operates the Peruvian airport, confirmed in a statement. “Our teams are providing the necessary care to all the passengers, who are doing well,” he added, clarifying that the causes are being investigated.

The exact number of passengers traveling on the plane, which was destined for the city of Juliaca, in the Puno region, in southern Peru, was not reported.

Operations at the international airport were suspended due to the accident, the company added on its Twitter account, and will continue to do so “until further notice.”

According to the Fire Department, the emergency occurred at 3:25 in the afternoon and four rescue units were mobilized. The plane suffered some mechanical problem and began to catch fire.

“It’s an emergency on the runway, there are four displaced units. Right now we don’t know technically what has happened in this apparent technical failure of the plane, we await later reports,” said Mario Casaretto, head of the Fire Department, on Channel N.

Later it was the airline itself that, with a statement, provided an official communication: “At this time we are focusing on supporting passengers and family members. As more confirmed information is available, it will be shared as soon as possible “.

For their part, Latam said that the accident occurred at the time the aircraft was taking off (and not on landing, as the company that operates at the Peruvian airport said): “The company is deploying all its human and technical resources for the care of those affected,” he closed.

With information from AFP

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