WATCH: Alyssa Farah calls out ‘The View’ hosts for ‘blind spot’ on inflation

WATCH: Alyssa Farah calls out ‘The View’ hosts for ‘blind spot’ on inflation

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October 22, 09:00 PM October 22, 09:00 PM

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The View hosts revealed their blind spots to the major issues concerning voters as the midterm elections approach.

Joy Behar began by reading what she called a “depressing” poll from the New York Times that found while 70% of voters agree that democracy is under threat, only 7% rank it as a major issue during the upcoming election.

“I find that so depressing, I can’t begin to tell you,” Behar said.


“The View” on Major Voting Issues

“That’s why I don’t like polls,” Whoopi Goldberg responded.

“That is depressing,” Sunny Hostin agreed.

Behar acknowledged that inflation is affecting everyday American’s ability to put food on the table, gas in their cars, and pay rent. However she attempted to convince her television audience that the Democratic party that currently holds the majority in the Senate, House, and Executive branch is better equipped so solve these problems.

“To think the other party is going to be able to solve those problems is really ludicrous,” Behar said. “They are not going to help you. So why would you vote for them? And yet I see it’s very close, that people are not understanding what the stakes are. I find it sad and depressing.”

“I have to ask, something that I want to say this respectfully, I worry there might be a blind spot about at this table is the fact that average American family lost $6,000 in annual wages last year due to inflation,” Alyssa Farah said. “Blame Biden or don’t, but the reason that Tim Ryan is running in Ohio away from Biden and away from Nancy Pelosi. This is a state that both times nominated Barack Obama for president then flipped to Donald Trump. Workers feel they’re not getting the most out of the economy.”

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When Behar and Sunny attempted to push back and remind her that only Democratic lawmakers voted in favor of a COVID relief plan, Farrah, who previously served as the Director of Communications under former President Donald Trump, rebutted by pointing out that Democratic candidates are not campaigning on the relief funds they gave because it contributed to inflation.

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